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There is nothing better than getting out of this Arizona heat at the end of the day but if you come around into the driveway and your garage door simply won’t open there could be something seriously wrong. Calling our hotline at 480-270-8478 and getting ahold of one of our friendly and helpful staff members and getting the same day service is one of the things we offer here at Electric Garage Door Peoria. Electric garage door opener could be having an issue and we do fantastic electric garage door troubleshooting and electric garage door repairs. We can take care of all of your garage door needs in one place. An electric garage door has many moving parts and those parts over time can break down even with the best preventative care.

Over time the parts that are used every single day can wear out.

Electric Garage Door in ArizonaGarage Door Repair Peoria will come right to your home and take care of everything for you usually in one visit.  We try very hard to make sure that we have all the parts that might break down over time on our trucks when we come out for the initial inspection that we give. Sometimes the electronic equipment like the motherboard gets broken or sometimes it’s just the remote itself and if that’s the case we have plenty of name brand remote controls to choose from.

If you’ve got a roll up manual garage door and want to upgrade to a new model we can also do that. We carry full lines of electric garage doors by all the top brands sold in the United States. You can choose from many different styles as well, Metal, fiberglass and wood are the most popular choices among garage doors.  We also offer a beautiful choice of custom garage doors to fit all styles and Home Owner Association standards as well.  In Peoria there are many HOA’s which have strict rules about how the outside of your home looks and we can fit into any association’s style as well.  We want to make sure that not only is your electric garage door functional but also beautiful.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we can do the job right quicker and for less money because we keep a lot of stock in our showroom.  That means that we do not have to wait around for special orders we can simply figure out what the specifications are for your personal garage and get the ball rolling.

We want to make sure that you are happy and that everything stays within a budget.  Our main goal is to get the job done right the first time we come out and then teaching you all you need to know about your new electric garage door.  Not only just giving you the instruction manual but also explaining to you how it works and how your new garage door opener works as well. Electric Garage Door Peoria will go above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied with our work.

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