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Are you wondering which garage doors are best and which brands to choose? Go through the following FAQs and get answers to your own questions. Simply written replies and extremely useful!

  • What garage door material is best?

    There are variations and our specialists always suggest considering your needs. Wood is beautiful but needs a lot of work. You might want to invest in composite wood for less maintenance. If you get steel, prefer zinc coated steel. Glass is great for homes close to the sea and aluminum is not recommended for hurricane-prone regions.

  • Can I clean the garage door tracks with a household cleaner?

    You can do this, as long as the cleaner is safe for use on metal. It should help you remove dirt accumulations. If they are too stubborn, you can use a solvent. You must never use a sharp object for dirt removal.

  • Why are backup battery opener systems vital?

    Your garage door can certainly operate without an opener backup battery system but if you want to modernize your mechanism and ensure your easy entrance during power failures, the experts of our garage door company in Peoria would recommend investing in these small devices. They are installed fast and don't cost too much.

  • What openers are best for my house?

    The choice of the right garage door opener will depend on the weight and requirements of your residential garage door according to our specialists in Peoria. You must focus on the right selection of motors to ensure the power of the system and consider your needs before investing in supplementary safety features and accessories.

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