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You hate the noise which your garage door is making? It’s not moving as smoothly as it used to? There is no room for frustration. Every problem has a solution. The sooner it is solved the better.Garage Door Repair Services in Arizona

Fixing Extension Springs

These come in a set. There is one spring above each of the horizontal tracks. On one end, they are held in place by a bolt. The other end is connected to a pulley with the help of a fork. When the door is closed, they are stretched. During opening, they contract and the force held inside them is used for the lifting of the unit. Over time, they can get overly stretched and the coils deformed as a result. When a spring breaks, it should be replaced immediately.

Rail Repair

The rail is the component which houses the drive of the garage door opener. It goes from the motor unit to the wall above the door. It is generally quite strong and durable, especially when it has one-piece design. The most common problem with the rail is upward bowing. The repair involves straightening the component. Otherwise, the drive will strain. Usually, this problem occurs when the closing force of the opener has not been set properly. With accurate adjustment, the rail will be protected and the waste of energy will be eliminated.

Panel Replacement

Rusty steel panels and wood ones with several spots of decay can be salvaged with repair. However, in case of corrosion or extensive rotting, replacement is the only effective solution. Similarly, if the panel has suffered serious damage as a result of an accident, it should be replaced as soon as possible along with any affected hardware. The new panel has to have the same size, design and structure. It has to match the door exactly. With precise installation, it will make the door as functional as before. Exterior-grade paint and weather seals should help to protect the door from weather damage.

Solution for Frayed Cables

Is your overhead door slightly up on one side and it makes awful scraping sounds during opening the closing? The lift cables must be frayed. They can no longer function properly and are at great risk of breaking. That is why they should be replaced. The new cables must have the same size and design and optimal thickness. With secure attachment to the bottom of the door and over the drums, they should work perfectly.

Need a solution for an urgent or ongoing problem? Use our professional garage door repair services. We are quick to respond and to fix panel, hardware and opener issues. Let us know how we can help. Call us or leave a note.

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