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Read these tips and get a fresh perspective of the ways you can maintain garage door systems steady. Also see how you can ensure your safety and how you can protect the privacy of your family.

  • Run two different types of tests on the safety sensors

    The first one involves blocking them by placing a sufficiently tall solid object in front of either one while the door is in open position. Then you need to initiate closing. The door must not go down. The second test involves waving a broom in front of the sensors while the door is going down. When you do this, the unit must reverse immediately. If the sensors fail any of the tests, they must be fixed or replaced immediately.

  • Get milk glass garage door panels

    Whether you choose glass garage doors or install new windows on the door panel, consider getting tinted glass. These days, you can find many glass shades and this way you can protect and ensure your privacy but still let the sun penetrate your garage.

  • Test the sensors often

    If you fail to test the garage door opener safety sensors regularly, you may get injured from your malfunctioned garage door. Problems are not always obvious but in any case the sensors will keep the door from falling on you, according to Garage Door Repair Peoria.

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